Improving Client Performance, Outcomes, and Impacts

Under Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC)

Market Access | Market Messaging | Market Engagement

We Help BioPharma, MedTech, and HealthTech Innovations Lead Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) Markets

  • The xIQ Family of Companies helps social-benefit ventures, small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs), and world-class multinational corporations (MNCs) build proof-of-value for BioPharma, MedTech, and HealthTech innovations and become preemptive market leaders in the U.S. healthcare, education, and social-services sectors. 
  • We deliver market accessmarket messaging, and market engagement solutions that lead to widespread insurance coverage, unique billing codes, favorable reimbursement, real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) alliances, lucrative value-based contracts (VBC), and groundbreaking outcomes-based compensation (OBC) agreements.
  • Our solutions are essential for innovators, entrepreneurs, and executives enduring healthcare’s volume-to-value (V2V) transition and the intense new demands of value-based healthcare (VBHC).
  • We’re best known for our (1) outcomes-accountable patient support services (aka hub services); (2) social-listening, strategic-messaging, and plain-language editing services; and (3) state-of-the-art network and influence analytics for next-generation key opinion leader (KOL) mapping (covering health science, social science, and data science KOLs).
  • We also provide longitudinal claims analytics across multiple years and 305 million lives to help (1) evaluate our clients’ products, services, and solutions in real-world settings; (2) contribute to increasingly compelling value dossiers for U.S.-based health technology assessment (HTA) authorities; and (3) build competencies around Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for Real-World Evidence (RWE).
  • Our approach is unique in applying the socially responsible, future-creating principles and practices of Peter F. Drucker to today’s most intractable community care, healthcare, and self-care challenges.
  • What differentiates our clients from others in the industry is their willingness to be held entirely accountable for the performance, outcomes, and impacts of their solutions.
  • Our clients are “good actors” who welcome real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) collaborations, value-based contracting (VBC) agreements, and outcomes-based compensation (OBC) opportunities.
  • They see value-delivery as a way to legitimately improve revenues, earnings growth, and competitiveness as the U.S. healthcare industry transitions from volume-based, fee-for-service (FFS) payment models to value-based, capitated payment models. 
  • They contribute to a better functioning society by delivering real-world results (RWRs) that help individuals, organizations, and communities flourish.
  • They seek our help in improving product development and commercialization strategies via targeted support ranging from product portfolio evaluations (that address new value imperatives) to post-market surveillance programs (focused on real-world insights (RWIs)).
  • With our support, our clients’ products, services, and solutions become the new gold standards for real-world value (RWV) and improve the well-being, productive capacity, and socioeconomic status of individuals, organizations, and communities. 
  • If you’re an innovator, entrepreneur, or executive tracking the volume-to-value (V2V) transition and needing targeted expertise in value-based healthcare (VBHC), then contact us.
  • We’ll deliver the analyticsstrategy, and support services you need to lead the field.

Rethink market, corporate, and product development

  • Create scalable, sustainable, and high-value business models to achieve favorable individual, organizational, and societal results.
  • Tie compensation to “greater good” endpoints and lead the volume-to-value (V2V) transition.
  • Scale solutions across targeted health plans, beneficiary subpopulations, and sites of service.
  • Assure access to high quality, cost-effective care for appropriate covered lives in appropriate settings at appropriate times.
  • Compile real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) through next-gen access, hub, and wraparound (AHW) services.
  • Reduce the incidence, prevalence, and cost of targeted diseases, comorbidities, and complications.

Improve product performance, outcomes, and impacts

  • Improve economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes (ECHOs).
  • Achieve the Triple/Quadruple Aim endpoints of reduced per capita costs, improved population health, and enhanced patient and healthcare professional (HCP) experiences.
  • Support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG #3: Health.
  • Support World Health Organization (WHO) priorities, programs, and practices.
  • Enhance the well-being, productive capacity, and socioeconomic status of individuals, organizations, and communities.
  • Enable sustainable and increasingly broad-based human flourishing, contributions, and socioeconomic lift.
  • Contribute to a better functioning U.S. and global society.

Lead the Volume-to-Value Transition

Analytics, Strategy, and Support Services

 ReimbursementIQ is an analytics, strategy, and support-services firm that reduces the incidence, prevalence, and cost of diseases and other health challenges by (1) collecting real-world data (RWD) and building real-world evidence (RWE) through access, hub, and wraparound (AHW) solutions (so patients benefit more fully from the healthcare industry’s most safe, effective, and cost-saving products and services); (2) documenting improved economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes (ECHOs) and Triple/Quadruple Aim successes to elicit evidence-based coverage, coding, and payment policies from health plan purchasers, third-party payers, and capitated providers; and (3) facilitating value-based contracting (VBC) and  outcomes-based compensation (OBC) toward 360-degree impact accountability.

Voxx Analytics is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution provider that delivers real-world insight so life science decision makers, content developers, and practice drivers can properly educate, engage, and empower socially responsible policymakers, peer influencers, and practitioners; ensuring medical breakthroughs and best practices can more rapidly reduce the incidence, prevalence, and cost of diseases and other adverse conditions. Voxx provides advanced analytics, visualization platforms, and support services to help these market leaders put critical insight into practice, resulting in greater real-world evidence (RWE) of value, including Triple/Quadruple Aim endpoints (of reduced per capita costs, improved population health, and enhanced patient and provider experiences).

xIQ Affiliates

Institute for Healthcare Advancement

IHA is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) public benefit charity that empowers programs, professionals, and patients to achieve better health outcomes. Targeting systemic barriers to empowerment, IHA facilitates and promotes breakthroughs and best practices that favorably influence social determinants of health (SDoHs), especially health literacy. Within the health, education, and social services sectors, IHA produces content, convenings, and commercialization opportunities for plain language solutions at the level of community care, healthcare, and self-care. IHA’s ultimate goals are to (1) remove barriers to health equity; (2) promote culturally competent care; and (3) enhance the wellbeing, productive capacity, and socioeconomic status of individuals, organizations, and communities in the U.S. and abroad.

Central IQ

Central IQ is a social-benefit and earnings-acceleration firm that delivers market, corporate, and product development services to help innovators, entrepreneurs, and executives jumpstart revenues, earnings, and competitiveness in the health, education, and social-services sectors around solutions that improve the wellbeing, productive capacity, and socioeconomic status of individuals, organizations, and communities.

SYFR Health Information Management

SYFR is a strategic revenue cycle management firm that works with providers pushing the edge of their specialties. By understanding key revenue drivers and obstacles in healthcare, SYFR reduces time-consuming and costly activities that plague those dependent on medical billing, coding, and payment precedents. With knowledge of value-based contracting, evidence-based coding, and impact-accountable billing, SYFR is leading the field in outcomes-based compensation (OBC).